Welcome to our first round of discussions for ARPA Journal. This is a message-board style discussion open to all contributors and readers. We call this a debate because we hope to recognize diverse, contending approaches to applied research in architecture. We are dedicated to the idea that an open investigation of unique positions can lead to more nuanced approaches to each issue.

To take part, you can comment on an established topic or start a new one.

To add a comment to an existing topic
– Scroll to the bottom of any debate page.
– Enter your text.
– Sign in (via Facebook, Twitter, Google or Disqus).
– Click on ‘Post.’

To start a new topic (i.e. moderate a discussion)
– Register with the ARPA Journal website by clicking ‘Register’ located below the main Debates heading here.
– Once you have registered, click on ‘Create a Debate’ to write a prompt.
– If you need to, you can later modify your prompt by clicking on ‘Edit’ beneath the title of your topic here.
– Please return to respond to any comments that arise.

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